Pipe and finishing: rusticated pipes

When the wood has not any particular veins and some aesthetic defects, while being perfect from a functional point of view, the pipemaker decides to make a rusticated pipe.

With a special tool called gouger (but there are also rusticated pipe made with other tools and even with various types of machinery) the pipemaker works the surface of the pipe in order to make it rough and irregular. In this way, however, the pipe takes on its physiognomy and the aesthetic defects become irrelevant, because they are “erased” from surface processing.

Then each craftsman realises his kind of rusticated pipe. Many craftsman can make different kinds of rusticated pipe, depending on the occasion, which can therefore be more or less deep, more or less rough, etc. Also the rustic pipes can be coloured.

The rustic pipes are the most practical ones for smokers: they are more robust than the others and, because of the greater surface in contact with the air, they heat less. Some very unusual textures are real sculptures that make the pipe aesthetically valuable.

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