Peterson smoking pipes, the story (part two)

We are in Dublin, in 1876, already at least a couple of years before Friedrich Kapp opened his shop for smokers in the upmarket Grafton Street and started to offer his customers briar pipes alongside traditional foam pipes. This was one of the first European shop selling briar pipes.
In this year Friedrich meet a former master craftsman of Riga, Latvia (then flourishing market for slow smoking): Charles Peterson. The latter, in the same year, went into the shop Kapp to propose his ideas. Some of the same revolutionary ideas would have been establish successful and a milestone until nowadays, for briar pipes. This young and brilliant pipemaker made the history of pipe and slow smoking.
Moreover, the presence of Charles would have been decisive, not only for the production of manufactured goods and for managing the company, but also for the long-term future of the company.

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