Peterson smoking pipes, the story (part one)

The story starts far away in time and with a name that, to most people, do not remind anything: “Kapp & Peterson”. This is the name of the company that for over one hundred fifty years produces pipes known simply as “Peterson of Dublin”, one of the most famous brands in the world.
The beginning of the company is not just remote in time, but also geographically distant from Ireland.
Kapp Friedrich and George are two brothers of Nuremberg in Bavaria, and, in 1865, moved to London, where they enter the production and trade of traditional (for that time) pipe of sea foam.
In the English capital, however, there are already at least thirty craftsmen and traders of pipe, so, in 1874, Friedrich, looking for a market not yet saturated, moved again, this time in Dublin.
Here, in the elegant shop Grafton Street, begins to introduce, alongside the sale of traditional foam pipe, a novelty, which took its first tentative steps a little more than twenty years before in France: briar pipes.
This product today is typical and more common, and a pipe in foam or other materials is considered something special and niche, but at that time it was just the opposite. The pipe “true”, noble, was the in foam, any other material (plaster, clay, etc.) were cheap for the people. Thus the briar began timidly to appear in slow smoking. Friedrich decided, therefore, to bring in Ireland novelty, sourcing of raw materials just in France, while his brother remains in London, where he died ten years later.
What, would have made the difference for Fridrich, and would have been decisive for the birth of the company, was the meeting with Charles Peterson…

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