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Tom Eltang

Tom Eltang, one of the most famous and representative Danish pipemaker, was born in 1958 and from an early age, he is attracted by the world of the slow smoke and, in particular, by tobacco pipes.
He is intrigued by this wonderful instrument for smoking when he was only eleven, and he earns experience in small start-up facilities and even in pipe factories.
However he is not interested in industrial production, which does not give him satisfaction and does not allow him to express his creativity.
Thus, at the age of sixteen he is presented to Anne Julie, a famous painter and pipemaker known for her inventiveness and originality of his creations, who is impressed by a pipe made by the young Eltang.
They start three years of apprenticeship in Anne workshop in Copenhagen, which followed by three more in the laboratory Pipe Dan, where Tom will repair pipes and will have the opportunity to put to use the lessons learned in previous experiences also realizing some of his pipe.
In these years that Eltang learns deeply all the details of the operation of a pipe, after which, in previous years, had developed a taste for the forms for processing and for the colors, especially the contrast that’ he would make him famous in later years.
Tom goes to work at Stanwell, where he remains until 1980, becoming know personally in slow smoking world. Indeed the well-known brand often sends him at fairs and tobacco shops in Germany, to demonstrate the art of making a pipe.
In 1980 Tom starts his own company, while continuing to work with the Danish brand which still sells some of his drawings.
The first ten years on his company are difficult, so much so that Tom joins the production of pipe other activities, less imaginative, but more profitable. Since 1990, however, he has made exclusively his pipe.
Today he is considered one of the most important pipemakers in the world, famous for the well-known colour of the smooth pipes called “golden contrast”, learned during his apprenticeship with Anne Julie, but perfected at the highest levels.
In any case, the production of Tom is not limited to the smooth pipes, but also extends to rusticate and sandblasted pipes, in which Tom Eltang is a master.

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