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“Kapp & Peterson”. This is the name of the company that for over one hundred and fifty (celebrated in 2015), produces pipes known simply as “Peterson of Dublin”, one of the most famous brands in the world.
Friedrich and George Kapp are two brothers from Nuremberg that, in 1865, moved to London, where they began the production and trade of traditional (for the time) sea foam pipes.
In 1874, Friedrich, looking for a not yet saturated market, moved again, this time in Dublin and, in the elegant Grafton Street store, alongside the sale of foam pipes he sells briar pipes. This material was not yet frequently used in production of this type of object, getting the raw material where it was used for the first time: in France.
His brother, however, remained in London, where he died ten years later.
Decisive for the today company’s birth, however, was a meeting between Friedrich and Charles Peterson, an original master craftsman from Latvia (at the time very flourishing market for slow smoking) which, in 1876, went to the Kapp shop to propose his ideas for briar pipes. Since than Friedrich found as employed an ingenious pipemaker, whose inventions would have had an undisputed success that lasts nowadays. However, importance of Charles will go well beyond the mere production of manufactured goods, because in 1881 Fridrich died, so Charles leads the company and simultaneously take care of the two children of Friedrich: Alfred and Christian. The latter, however, give up his company share, which are therefore owned in part by his brother Alfred and partly by Charles.
Thus was born the “Kapp & Peterson”, whose pipes are now well established on the market thanks to the ability of Latvian, which will lead in 1891 to patent the “Peterson Pipe System” and in 1898 the “P-Lip”. The first is constituted by a small tank in which it collects the moisture produced by the combustion and ensures, therefore, a pipe always dry and pleasant, while the second is a particular form of the mouthpiece with the hole oriented towards the palate, so as to preserve the tongue of the smoker, definitely more sensitive and delicate.
Since then, the company has passed hands several times, first among the heirs of the founders and later also among foreign entrepreneurs, to be fully acquired in 1991 by the current owner, Tom Palmer, an expert of pipes and slow smoking.
In the more than one hundred fifty years of life, Peterson has product pipes of all kinds, of all shapes and sizes, adding limited editions such as to always arouse the interest of fans and collectors to products intended to make large numbers, allowing them to resist cigarette commercial explosion that turned the pipe as a necessary tool to discretionary object and refined, to become one of the most established brands and popular in the world, which, however, still stands unchanged the charm of Grafton Street store and the historic factory on the outskirts of Dublin, where there are the Wicklow mountains which give their name to a successful series of pipes of the Irish brand

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