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Peter Klein

Peter Klein

Peter Klein is a German craftsman, but his productions are actually Danish pipe.
Indeed, Klein, carpenter by training and public employed by profession, became interested in the production of pipes in Denmark, where he used to spend the summer holidays.
In this country, Klein, used to work with wood for completely different purposes, began attending both the most famous pipe artisans in those years, both retailers.
So, in 1988, more for his pleasure than with a professional scope, at the age of thirty years, Klein began to make his creations freely, and strongly inspired by the Danish style.
His annual production is limited, but the name of Klein states quickly, until, in 2007, also for problems related to his work in Germany, a big step: moving to Denmark in order to dedicate himself completely to the pipe production.
Today, Peter Klein realizes few hundred pipes per year, mainly according to the aesthetic and Danish quality standards, realizing many shapes, including the most classic and traditional.

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