Nording hand made gr. 23



Erik Nording produces smoking pipes since 1963, initially, for a short period, with the “Son” brand, then, he bought the shareholding of his its original business partner, Skovbo, and produced with his own brand.
Unlike other world-famous artisans, Nording was not a woodworker, but an ironworker.
In fact, he is an ironworker and engineer for family tradition who, as a passionate pipe smoker, he approached the production of these objects not for his knowledge of woodworking, originally almost nothing, but for its expertise and knowledge in designin, fabricate and operate working machines such as lathes, polishers, sanders.
Starting from a small production, Nording had the brilliant idea of producing smoking pipe not according to standard shapes, but customized to customer demand.
In a few years, his laboratory has grown to have as many as fifty employees, fame custom Danish pipe has reached every continent and from school Nording have come many other famous artisans of the pipe.
Today, the laboratory Nording has several employees and his pipes, are still cut by hand.
A rarity: Nording created a pipe which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest ever built, constructed with hundreds of “standard” smoking pipes.

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