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Peder Jeppesen began making pipe at the school of the famous pipe-maker Erik Ottendhal Kark, but with the subsequent collaboration with Erik Nørding that its production is distinguished until he has reached the current standards.

Indeed, Peder Jeppesen, working for Nørding, learn the best pipe and mouthpiece decoration techniques, as well as the techniques of large series production.

However, it is only when Peder can purchase the machinery and working tools of the pipe Jeorg Jenson factory, which was closing, that the dream of opening his own workshop becomes reality.

Therefore, Peder Jepsen started up the production of pipes with the name of Neerup, which was the name of one of his grandmothers.

The particularity of the pipe Neerup is, first of all, in the manufacturing techniques that allow him to achieve economies of scale while building pieces that, in the end, become unique and unrepeatable.

For Jeppesen the manufacture of pipes is not only a profession, but, together with rock music, a kind of therapy and a source of inspiration. Consequently his pipes, are well cared in the technical features (impossible to find a bad perforated Neerup pipe… ), and sophisticated even in customisation: the mouthpiece, the stove, the chamber, the coloration… so to satisfy all possible needs of its customers.

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