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Briar Works

Briar Works

Briarworks is a new brand, officially born in Nashville (USA) in 2013, which has immediately established itself on the market thanks to the excellent quality and good price of its products.
The project was created by two established pipemakers, Todd Jhonson and Pete Prevost, who decided to radically change the image of the pipe made in series, producing beautiful artifacts, flawless and affordable.
Needless to say, Pete Prevost, a former musician, is a pipe manufacturer now stated production manager of BriarWorks, and Jhonson, that was the teacher of Prevost, produces many years of quality pipe, with its own style inspired by Danish craftsmen , unique and personal.
Thus, BriarWorks, thanks to the use of modern technologies and experience of the two known pipemakers, produces pipes made in series and finished entirely by hand with craftsmanship, which are enjoying success throughout the world.

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