Ascorti “Cool” Russ calabash reverse



The Ascorti brand is one of the Italian artisan excellence that may be defined as historic.
Roberto, born in 1958, after studying at the Art Academy had a concrete practice in the family pipe factory, the Caminetto. He practiced there in particular with his father, Peppino, who for decades worked the wood and realized pipe appreciated all over the world. Roberto, in 1979, with the help and constant support of his wife Silvana, founded the Ascorti pipes.
For almost forty years, thus, Ascorti, with the help of some longtime collaborators, among which should be mentioned Cesare, with the family since the early ’70s, have produced high quality handcraft pipes, using tools specifically designed and manufactured at the laboratory itself.
A special mention should be given to mouthpieces, made entirely by hand starting from the raw methacrylate bar (and, if necessary, also from ebonite, treated so as not to deteriorate) and well-finished in all the details (including the tooth to be comfortable and convenient for the smoker) with maniacal attention.
The company uses various collaborators, but all pipes are thought and designed personally by Roberto, who, as the best artists, always starts from the pencil and paper. Moreover, Roberto, being perfectionist and hyper-critical, checks every single piece at all stages of realization.
If a pipe does not satisfy him in every way, it is not placed on the market because, as he says, his pipes “are jewels for men, or, if you prefer, adult toys”. They must, therefore, be perfect.

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